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Jewelry customization
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Barron's Jewelry Repair & Design has been in business since 1909 and has an experience of 30 years. Interested in designing something new and beautiful? Work with us to design a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry that is one-of-a-kind. Our certified master goldsmith and silversmith will customize your piece and make sure that you get a unique look.

Turn Heads with a Unique Piece of Jewelry

Get FREE jewelry inspection and FREE ring cleaning services. We offer top dollar for old jewelry.

  • Rings

  • Pendants

  • Wedding bands

  • Engagement sets

Custom designed jewelry

If you want that one of a kind piece of jewelry that no one else has, let that concept become a reality.  Watch your piece of art become a reality. We offer all our repairing and designing services in our shop. You can always count on us for quick and quality services.

Get custom and unique jewelry designs

Call today to get a FREE estimate!


  • Earrings

  • Belt buckles

  • Bracelets

  • Elk ivory jewelry

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